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            A little something we have been hearing...


Susan G M  … Have to tell you Mike, my brother was impressed by those mussels and clams we had for dinner over the weekend. He raved all through dinner about how good they were. He kept saying that he was going to go down the street and tell Mike just how good they were. 
I have to tell you I didn't think he would, but he did!!! He is the one you want to use in your next commercial!! But I have to admit that the clams were great! How can I put this, I bought 9 pounds of mussels, a bag of little neck clams, and a bag of cherrystone clams, I guess I don't have to tell you that they were devoured at dinner that night. They were wonderful.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


Caitlin E … Best sea food around with the best employees... Cannot begin to say how amazing they are! If you're not getting mikes you're missing out!


George O … No place better than the back deck


Angelina P … I love it.... and this isn’t the first time I've been here in fact I'm here now yumm linguini and clams.


Missy D S … We bought dinner last night and it was delicious! Your mussels were amazing! Thanks for hooking us up with good eats while we waited for the parade to start!


Maria D R … Absolutely fresh and delicious!! Worth the trip from South Philly and planning to return!!


Dave D … Mike's ROCKS!!!


Blaine B  Just had some Mike's tonight, one of the best seafood restaurants in New Jersey


Wyatt M  Eat @ Mikes Mike's Seafood  in Sea Isle City N.J.


Peter D H  Your soft shell crab sandwich was awesome!


Gina C  Thanks for hookin us up with delicious shrimp, clams, and flounder. The flounder was AMAZING!

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