theS T O R Y

In 1911, Lodovico (Dewey) and his wife Rosina Monachetti made the brave decision to leave their beautiful
native land, the island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples, Italy. They set out on a journey for a new and better
life in America. Their trip across the Atlantic Ocean was in a rickety, old ship that leaked and could barely stay
afloat. When they arrived in New York Harbor, they immediately followed other immigrants to Ellis Island
where they filed to become U.S. Citizens. After this long and wearisome trip, they made their way to a train
station. When Lodovico and Rosina went up to the window to purchase train tickets, this was another difficult
time because the Monachetti could not speak English. When the ticket master asked them what destination, it
was at this time he realized the Monachetti could not understand him or English. The ticket master, now with
hand gestures, asked "North or South?" With south being the second word he said, Lodovico and Rosina then
looked at each other and replied at the same time, "South!" Lodovico then pulled out all the money in his
pocket showing where their money could take them, which ended up being Sea Isle City.

Once at the train station in Sea Isle City, Lodovico and Rosina were met with much resentment and discrimination.
They were told, "You Italians go down to the Back Bay area, which was nothing more than a bunch of run down
shacks. MIKE'S now stands on the property where Lodovico and Rosina originally bought the land for just $500.

You can frequently hear Third Generation Mike telling the same story up front in the Seafood Market. At the
conclusion of the story, Mike likes to say that he wishes he could have the chance to thank the people who sent
his grandparents to the Back Bay area (which is currently the Restaurant and Marina District) because it is the
most sought out Restaurant and Fresh & Cooked Seafood Market in Sea Isle City and the Jersey Shore. It is
common to hear Mike say with a chuckle,"If my grandparents would have just said 'North' Mike's would
have ended up in the Hamptons!"